Getting to know the audacious man that is Moreno Koiyaki!

My name is Moreno Koiyaki. I like living life on the edge, and I have dedicated my website for those, who like me, want to learn the art of survival in high-pressure situations when there is nothing more important than saving one’s life.

I love the rush of adrenaline and the fact that you are on tipping toes to save your life every second of it!

My Survival Path

On my blog, you will come across nearly every survival tip, which will be enough for you stay alive, in any situation, no matter how worse the circumstances are.

Besides keeping people alive, when they are thrown under the bus by someone or even if it is their fault, I also educate people, who want to camp in the wilderness, seeing the true nature of wild nature and experience it first hand.

Backpacking is the foremost where we tell them what kind of things are essential for them to carry, while on a rough trip and what kind of things are best to stay home because they will be nothing more than a burden, and you don’t want to risk your life with that.

About Koiyaki

What To Expect

I am an outdoor guy, so here you will be learning about plenty of things, which will strong arm you while you face a crisis.

All I want to do is to teach people, how to stay fit and fine under immense dangerous situations. I want to teach you, how to stay positive when you are surrounded by negativity in the environment and still be on top of the game.

You will learn how to survive in cold, frozen and snowy or even hot desert circumstances, no matter in which part of the world you are in! Stay tuned and see what I bring to you!

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